We also pride ourselves on being financial backers within the entertainment industry, helping a plethora of films, TV show and documentaries.

Due to our finance background we have teamed up the global wealth management companies over the years that have resulted in meaningful and lasting partnerships with both private clients and financial intermediary clients.
In addition to our innovative finance and direct financial service offerings, help provide regulatory umbrella solutions that make us unique in our broad range of services across multiple markets and sectors.

AS a financial broker we only offer bespoke client financial service offerings that help protect investors by only offering FCA regulated products and partners which include investment advisors, administrators, financial custodians, auditors, legal advisors, with trading partners who incorporate trading strategies within private placement programs (PPP) that include traditional fixed-income and equity-based securities (i.e., low-cost index funds, exchange-traded funds (ETFs), passive mutual funds with interest returns, etc.) which are regularly reviewed, rebalanced and traded depending on market movements and forecasts.

We only allow high net worth individuals and sophisticated investors to look at our investment models and help investors to understand the risk profiles and opportunities. We pride ourselves on integrity and ethics which are a vital to us whilst we adhere to the strictest code of conduct then provide investors with product information.


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Carefully Evaluates Investments
Very Attractive Tax Breaks SEIS & EIS
World Events Don’t Affect Films
Investing In Funds & Film Is
More Profitable Than Traditional
Investments Such As Real Estate,
Stock Market, futures, Forex
Precious Metals, Currency Exchange

Mutual Fund Investment

We have secured relationships with the biggest banking entities that provide the best protection for our clients and our many years of experience and contacts at the highest levels have allowed our client’s access to portfolio’s in the marketplace for trading bank assets such as Medium Term Notes (MTN’S) these Medium Term notes are essentially debt notes that allow institutions and banks to lend to customers, governing bodies initiate and then release to banks at a reduced or discounted rate. MTN’s are openly traded with banks, pension funds and other financial institutions.

Our partners have co-ordinated the placement of a bespoke (FOI) Financial offering insurance policy which provides and indemnity backed policies for different funds, giving the highest insurance guarantee the markets will allow. Listing advice and corporate advisory ISA management allows us to direct clients to ISA managers who can transfer there under preforming ISA’s into bespoke high preforming mutual funds.

You do not need to understand the Film or Financial industry in depth, because Mint Media Capital will guide you.

Movie Investment ROI

Enterprise Investment Scheme

EIS was introduced to encourage investment into small, privately owned UK companies. The scheme provides attractive tax benefits to investors who provide capital to the company in return for shares.
Approved companies must comply with various rules to maintain EIS status and all Investors funds must be paid direct to the EIS.
Investments in an EIS are for a minimum of 3 years. Shareholders may realise their investment thereafter or benefit without losing EIS Relief.

HMRC EIS Enterprise Investment Scheme

30% Tax Relief for Current or Previous year.
Pay No Inheritance Tax after 2 years.
No Income Tax OR Capital Gains on Profits.
Deference of any forms of Capital Gains for 3 years back to 1 year forward.
Loss Relief at your current tax rate.

Investors must keep their shares for at least 3 years to benefit from EIS.

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