Film Investment FAQ

Do I need to understand the film industry?

No...because we will guide you through each step of the investment process.

Who can invest?

Investments are restricted to qualified investors only; on registration you will be able to access our information packs directly.
Mint Media Capital are a secured film investment agency.

How long does it take for a film project to generate returns?

This depends on the time it takes to complete all aspects of the production but, providing the film is successful, then you would be expected to begin generating returns after the worldwide box office release.

How much can I invest?

Each film offering has a different minimum entry. On registration, you will receive the MMC investment pack with states the limits on each investment opportunity.

To whom do I send my initial investment funds?

Your equity investment funds are sent directly to the escrow account of the agents acting for the production company making and producing the film.

What if there is a problem and the film goes over budget?
Is the film insured or guaranteed or will investors have to find more funding?

We only promote films that have a guaranteed Completion Bond for our investors. This means that, in the unlikely event the film production runs out of money prior to completing all of the editing or other post-production activities, the Completion Bond guarantees to the investors and producers that the film will be delivered to the distributor and undertake to cover any over-costs on the production. These bonds are like normal insurance policies that take a small percentage of the film’s profits to indemnify the investor.

Where does all the profit from the film go once released at the box office?

All the profits are collected by an appointed and reputable independent third party collections agency and distributed to each investor via the auditor accountants.

What if the production company is making several films?
Does all the money go into one film account?

Normally each film has its own unique limited company with its own film production bank account. There are, however, some offerings that include a bank of films, thereby spreading the risk.

Can I sell my film investment on at a later date?

If you are a UK tax resident and your particular investment qualifies under the EIS tax relief scheme, then you are advised to hold your investment for a minimum 3 years to remain eligible.
If you are an investor from outside the UK then different rules will apply. You can, therefore, sell your investment on once the film has been delivered and the worldwide box office theatrical film release has taken place.

How quickly can I get my initial investment back?

This will be after the film`s worldwide box office release date. We try to position our clients so that their investment is returned as fast as possible. Depending on the offering, you would then receive 100% of your capital back plus an extra 25% recoupment premium. This is usually paid out to you before any of the profits are available to the production company. In essence, investors get their money back before the studio.

What kind of profit share from the film will I be entitled to?

Once you have received your initial investment back plus the recoupment premium, you would be entitled to a percentage of all the profits the film generates. This amount is determined by the film investment contract you enter into and can range anywhere from 20% to 50% pro-rata of all the film`s lifetime profits.

How long could I receive my royalty/dividend returns once invested?

Whether the film is successful or not you can receive royalty / dividend profits for up to 25 years and possibly beyond. All media are included - cinema box office, DVDs, Blu-ray, subscription TV, internet downloads, etc.. In some cases merchandising is also included.

Can I profit from the licenced retail merchandising of the film?

Yes, licenced retail merchandising can be extremely lucrative; as an example, you only have to look at the animated film called Cars released in 2006. This has generated over $8 Billion in retail merchandising. Its sequel - Cars 2 - released in 2010, has already produced over $2 billion in extra profits. Investing in a film with this extra advantage will increase your return.

Who will pay me my first film profits?

Profits will be distributed to investors by the appointed specialist media chartered accountants in the UK to your designated bank account.

How often will I receive my royalty/dividend returns?

This depends on each individual film´s terms and conditions, but generally they will be paid twice a year for the first ten years, thereafter once a year.

What other benefits am I entitled to for investing?

Regular newsletters of your production´s progress.Invitation to all world premieres.
An invitation to be an extra in the film you invest in.
Invitations to any Award Ceremonies if the film is nominated.
Signed posters, photos and DVDs etc. from the stars of the film when available.
Option to become one of the Executive Producers of the film if your investment is high enough.
You would then be entitled to have your name highlighted on the end credits.
You will be a part of the film´s everlasting history.
Receive outstanding returns.

Can investors invest in more than one film project?

Yes, we believe in the old proverb of not keeping all your eggs in one basket and strongly urge investors to diversify their investment portfolio with us by choosing to invest in each of our current film offerings.

What are your current investment offerings or how can I make an investment?

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