About Mint Media Capital

We have over 30 years experience in managing investment portfolios and maximizing profits for clients.

We have a long and successful record in identifying profitable investment opportunities for fund managers.
we have been heavily involved in capital and investment markets specializing in media, property, commodities and energy and has developed
a particular skill in being able to continually see profit when others have failed to judge the markets correctly.

Although Mint Media Capital Limited is a young company, we have many years experience raising equity for independent film companies and big blockbuster movies.



The director has been based in four major regions - Europe, Middle East, Asia and Africa -
we have gathered extensive knowledge of global investment strategies within his chosen market sectors. We continue to offer valuable advice to a very long list of satisfied investor clients.

Throughout his career, he has been involved in a number of award-winning venture capital and growth capital investment portfolios
and prides himself on his attention to detail and market-orientated strategies;
he has concentrated on building a strong research and support network that will ensure that Seffton Holdings continues to discover the best investment and divestment opportunities.

Mint Media Capital applies active research driven investment processes, identifying and matching winning market strategies with the best companies in those markets.
This proactive approach significantly improves the chances of originating valuable opportunities with a high probability of generating long-term rewards.

In order to ensure the highest of standards, we have assembled a strong back-office team to service your account and efficiently maintain your portfolio in the future.

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